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Investment Portfolios
Reliable tools for getting income!
Investment Portfolios

Esperio's comprehensive approach to the development of investment portfolios takes into account different strategies and assumed risks. Each of the portfolios is balanced taking into account the investment period and projected profit.

The investment effect provides full transparency and thorough analysis of the results. Esperio specialists regularly monitor the indicators to ensure the declared profitability. All reporting is available to you on the website.

The decision to open and close positions is made by a professional manager. All transactions are broadcast to the investor. At the same time, the investor retains full control over his own account and can reject or close any operation offered by the manager.
What opportunities will you get?

Invest in the most liquid assets

Make a profit in the short term

Use professional management

Simply follow the strategy of the portfolio!

Best scenarios of 2021

At the beginning of each investment period, managers find the best opportunities to get income. Both global trends and the prospects for a specific asset added to the portfolio are taken into account. A monthly revision of the portfolio indicators is carried out, changes are possible taking into account the market situation.

By joining investment portfolios with Esperio, you gain valuable experience in owning financial assets and understanding market trends. And most importantly - the opportunity to increase your savings in interest that exceeds inflation and the profitability of bank deposits..

Portfolio First steps investment portfolio
Investment term
12 months
Launch date
11 October 2021
Expected profitability
First steps investment portfolio

Basic Principles

Minimum investments needed. High liquidity of assets in the portfolio. Easy to follow.

Method of receiving operational trading signals

Esperio Copy Trading

Additional services

Full details on open trades. Snapshot notifications on opened, modified or closed positions. Monthly reports of portfolio performance. Overall performance report of the portfolio upon its expiration. Track record of previous portfolios.

* Depending on market conditions, the share of assets in the portfolio may vary

Rebalancing and replacement of assets takes place at the end of the calendar month