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Description of the fund

Esperio Investment Fund is a benefit for any investor who wants to get as much profit as possible from passive investments. With moderate volatility, the expected return of the fund is higher than that of bank deposits and the most popular the U.S. S&P 500 index. The average yield, according to historical data reaches 47.05% with a minimum risk profile. The Fund's strategy is implemented in short-term investments in shares of industry leaders with significant growth potential.
High liquidity of assets allows you to control investments real time. The Fund is managed professionally by a team of managers. We select assets with low credit risk, provide hedging opportunities, restructure and rebalance them monthly or more often if necessary in order to achieve best possible yield.
We are convinced that our clients with a relatively small amount of money may choose Esperio Investment Fund to become one of the most highly profitable asset in their investment portfolio.
Average annual yield for the past three years was 47.05%

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2 924 259.76 USD

Risk level


Recommended investment period

From one month

Depends of client tax residence

Esperio Investment Fund

Having a financial airbag usually involves depositing funds that will keep your lifestyle going for at least three months. However, many investors funds at this stage want to invest in something more profitable.

Gold, currencies, stocks of large companies are an excellent source of profit, but independent actions in the financial markets are dangerous for beginners. Esperio Investment Fund is a more reliable alternative. After all, professionals will manage your funds for investment.

What is this?

Investor funds are invested in various assets. Income is generated as a result of the growth of their value. The selection and maintenance of assets is carried out by a professional manager.

The service is great for novice investors. Indeed, in order to become a member of the fund, it is not necessary to understand the intricacies and types of investment.

However, investment funds are also used by experienced market participants. They allow you to get a balanced set of assets with minimal time costs.

The Esperio official website provides detailed information about the investment fund to clients within the framework of this article.


Profitability at 15.02.2022: -2.4%
10.01.2022 - 15.02.2022

Investment Funds: differences from Esperio portfolios

Esperio portfolios provide for a specific investment period. For example, 6 months. For the best result, you need to join the portfolio at the time of its launch. It is better to exit the portfolio after its expiration date.

The Esperio Fund allows you to join the process of investment of funds at any convenient time, as well as to leave the Fund at any time. There are no time limits for participation in the funds investments. However, all parameters of the fund are calculated on a monthly basis, which means that the declared yield in case of an early exit may differ from the actual one for each investor.

A fund participant can independently open positions or close transactions initiated by the manager. In this case, the financial result of these investments depends solely on the investor himself.

Structure of the portfolio

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How does Esperio Investment Fund work?

The company creates a fund The manager and analysts determine the level of risk and return on assets, that is, the strategy for investing money.

Investor chooses a manager The investor opens an account and chooses a manager from the rating. It is connected to the account of the Fund manager.

Funds are placed in assets Money is placed in various assets. Basically, these are the shares of well-known companies. To balance the risks, short-term investments can be made in indexes and commodities. The manager monitors the preservation and increase of investments.

The investor’s income is formed The profit is formed as a result of the assets value growth.

Portfolio manager

Management of investment portfolios and the Esperio Investment Fund are carried out by experienced, highly qualified managers.
We beleive team approach is the best way to maximize the result. Epserio team consists of 15 managers, analysts and traders supervised by the Director of the Center for Analytical Information.
Each of our specialists has 10 to 20 years of experience in the industry, including at least five years in Esperio.
Our main task is to make the profit of Esperio clients as high as possible. In order to do so, we collect and analyze most sensitive market information to carefully select assets and evaluate portfolio performace, benchmark assets to include them in investment portfolios and the Fund in accordance with our carefully tested strategies.

Benefits of the Esperio Fund

  • Availability

    Low costs

  • Professionalism

    Managers are experienced

  • Conservative approach

    Return on investment outperforms most classic alternatives

  • Low costs

    A large investor has more favorable conditions for managing funds.

  • Liquidity

    Fund assets can be easily sold without additional losses.

The “Investment Fund” section of the Esperio website contains detailed data on the return on assets, and information on transactions is available to the client on the trading platform.

Investment funds: strategy

The fund's strategy is designed for conservative investors. A balanced approach to investments is used, based on the dynamic distribution of funds, the performance of active operations as needed.

Esperio investment funds have a ratio of assets in the structure, taking into account market conditions. The basis is liquid shares. When choosing, a fundamental analysis of the issuing companies is carried out, an assessment of the value in relation to the growth potential. However, the fund invests not only into one type of asset.

How to start investing?


Choose a fund

will help you choose the right strategy for you

Open an account online

You can register and open an account on the website, top up the account using the details or at the office of the company

Conduct transactions online

Operations with investment fund units are available at any time via Esperio Copy Trading

Risk diversification

The inclusion of assets that are not related to each other (for example, stocks and gold), as well as the distribution of capital by economic sectors and geographic location, increases the profitability of fund participants and minimizes the risk of losses.

In this case, investments are less dependent, for example, on the level of demand for goods in a particular sector of the economy or events in a particular region or state.

Diversification is the key rule of managing the Esperio investments fund, the goal is to minimize the likelihood of devaluation of investments. The value of some of the fund's assets may decrease, while others may remain at the same level or grow. When the fund for investment as a whole is not affected by the price movements of a particular asset, the reported return from participation in the fund is much more likely.


  • What yield can one get?
    Given the moderate volatility of the financial market, investment funds outperform bank deposits in terms of profitability. According to the historical performance of Esperio, the profit averages 32.7% per annum in currency.
  • How much money is necessary to participate in the Fund?
    It is desirable to have $10,000 for simple copying of the manager's operations without any changes, taking into account the maintenance of the required margin level and the volume of operations. However, the funds invested may be less. But in this case, the investor must independently reduce the size of positions in proportion to his deposit.
  • Is the profit guaranteed?
    Investments in international financial markets carry the risk of loss. History remembers cases when the stock market experienced a crash, the share price of even the most successful companies decreased. And although after a fall there always comes an increase, we recommend that you use only free funds that are not credit. It is advisable to use the part of free funds as the funds invested if you are willing to risk.
  • Is insurance provided?
    Unlike bank deposits, investments in investment funds are not insured by the state. However, if you are an Esperio client, then in some cases you can receive compensation in the amount of up to 30% of the amount of losses on the deposit.
  • Where can I connect to the service?
    The “Investment Fund” section of the Esperio website allows you to get acquainted with the rating of managers and their profitability, as well as connect the service with a simple click of a button.

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