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Fast CPA

up to $ 500 for each attracted client

With the new hybrid partner program CPL + CPA + percentage of the spread, a partner receives a reward for each client. At the same time, we offer payments for registration and verification of an attracted client, for topping up a trading account and a percentage of the spread of trading operations. Thanks to this, the partner can be sure that each client will bring him income.

Commission structure (depends on the country of the attracted client):
For each verified client with a deposit of $50.
For every active client. The reward is equal to the amount of the initial deposit of the active client, but not more than the amount established for the country of the attracted client.
10% of the spread of trading operations of the attracted client, starting from the first trading position.
Commission rates
Commission Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
For a verified client $20 $10 $5
For an active client $500 $400 $300
Return of the spread 10% 10% 10%
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You are getting:
A personal manager
Extended statistics
Wide range of the ways of obtaining reward
Cooperation with esperio
On favourable terms
Reward for every client
Reward for every transaction
Unlimited payments for any client
Daily accruals
No limitations
no minimal duration of the transaction
no minimal profit on the transaction
no requirement on the number of clients
no limitation on minimal withdrawal