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Our customers' reviews
Harry K
Account number №**618*
Trading has become the meaning of my whole life for me. That is, if earlier I was somehow skeptical about this, then over time I radically changed my opinion. It happened because trading opens up prospects for earnings, without being tied to the domestic market, where the state of employment market is poor. And, what's more, here I earn dollar profit which also provides stability, because dollar rate is constantly increasing. Yes, skeptics will say that many factors can influence the situation, and it works out not for everyone. But, after all, it all depends on each person individually. For example, my way to success was long. I got bumps and bruises, tried different brokers, lost money and did not stop. I am trading on an Esperio account now. I am satisfied with the broker, and with the results as well. The main thing is to believe in yourself.
Eva Adams
Account number №**200*
Good broker for trading
Ethan Harvey
Account number №**719*
Esperio is a reliable broker.
Thomas Bell
Account number №**201*
I want to try investing in Esperio. I saw Alibaba Group shares on the website. It is one of the largest companies in China. In short, if the stock rises, then I will receive a net profit in my account. And if Alibaba falls, this loss will be fully compensated by Esperio's funds. The amount to participate in the promotion is from 1000€. That is not so much. The promotion is valid until December 31. I think it's worth a try. The site even allows you to calculate the amount that I can get! You just need to enter the top-up amount. What do you guys think? Does anyone want to try this?
Regina Grant
Account number №**194*
I have been trading in the market for a couple of days now. I went through training here and immediately opened a real account. Registration was fast and that is a plus! As for trading: I don’t open deals with large volume yet, I still have enough of 04-0.6 and I don’t want to open large ones, because there is a big risk and I've just started trading. And yesterday, I closed 3 deals at once — volume 0.4 and 0.5 and currency pairs EUR/USD, USD/JPY and USD/RUB. From the first trade, I earned 36€, on the second one a little more (because the volume was 05) 48€ and the third trade brought me only 30€. In total, I got 114€. As for the beginning, it’s normal. Then I’ll gather courage and increase the volumes. By the way, I immediately put on the withdrawal of funds and this morning, my application was already approved. So, I do not regret that I started trading cause I can develop in this area and make good money. Esperio gets 5 points from me.
Jessica Mills
Account number №**656*
I trade stocks or rather their cfd. I've chosen Esperio because there is a large selection of stocks. There are over a hundred US companies, almost all of which are part of the S&P500, and a large selection of European and Asian companies. The convenient MetaTrader 5 trading terminal allows you to set up all the necessary tools to help your trading. They include everything from the built-in interface to third-party scripts and advisors. Another advantage for me is the trading conditions, minimum spreads, commissions and swaps.