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Отзывы наших клиентов
Thomas Bell
Account number №**201*
I want to try investing in Esperio. I saw Alibaba Group shares on the website. It is one of the largest companies in China. In short, if the stock rises, then I will receive a net profit in my account. And if Alibaba falls, this loss will be fully compensated by Esperio's funds. The amount to participate in the promotion is from 1000€. That is not so much. The promotion is valid until December 31. I think it's worth a try. The site even allows you to calculate the amount that I can get! You just need to enter the top-up amount. What do you guys think? Does anyone want to try this?
Regina Grant
Account number №**194*
I have been trading in the market for a couple of days now. I went through training here and immediately opened a real account. Registration was fast and that is a plus! As for trading: I don’t open deals with large volume yet, I still have enough of 04-0.6 and I don’t want to open large ones, because there is a big risk and I've just started trading. And yesterday, I closed 3 deals at once — volume 0.4 and 0.5 and currency pairs EUR/USD, USD/JPY and USD/RUB. From the first trade, I earned 36€, on the second one a little more (because the volume was 05) 48€ and the third trade brought me only 30€. In total, I got 114€. As for the beginning, it’s normal. Then I’ll gather courage and increase the volumes. By the way, I immediately put on the withdrawal of funds and this morning, my application was already approved. So, I do not regret that I started trading cause I can develop in this area and make good money. Esperio gets 5 points from me.
Jessica Mills
Account number №**656*
I trade stocks or rather their cfd. I've chosen Esperio because there is a large selection of stocks. There are over a hundred US companies, almost all of which are part of the S&P500, and a large selection of European and Asian companies. The convenient MetaTrader 5 trading terminal allows you to set up all the necessary tools to help your trading. They include everything from the built-in interface to third-party scripts and advisors. Another advantage for me is the trading conditions, minimum spreads, commissions and swaps.
Emir Morgan
Account number №**590*
In short, if you are still thinking about whether you need to learn to trade on the stock exchange or not, then I will say YES!!! I took introductory courses in Esperio and now I trade with them. Their courses helped me adapt to the market, understand the way of getting profit from transactions and how you can make money on a fall without having anything)) I'm not the only one who did not understand how to make money on a fall. But everything fell into place with the Esperio rates and now I trade currency pairs. Trading is an exciting process that absorbs completely and is already hard to emerge if you have tried it at least once.
Joseph Grant
Account number №**174*
Hello to everyone. I recently opened an account with Esperio. I trade mainly currency pairs. Since August 11, I opened 7 trades of 0.25 lots and earned 642 euros on the yen, pound and euro. I liked that deals are unlocked quickly, delays are executed at the stated price, i.e. I did not notice any jambs in the trade. I compared quotes online and in the terminal, everything is also updated quite quickly, i.e. there is no difference. What I didn’t like was that in the MT5 trading terminal, I didn’t immediately see that there were commissions. At the time of trading, they are not visible at all and I haven't found in the settings how to add a commission column. As I already understood in the process, it is taken when opening and closing the transaction. As a result, I spent 12 euros on a commission. In general, I am satisfied with the company since the moment of the commission is already a flaw in the terminal.
Jacob Miller
Account number №**521*
The quality of training can decide the fate of a novice trader. They taught me perfectly at Esperio. I went through various training on other platforms, but I liked the training here the most. I took the course "Acceleration", these are individual lessons that are more like consultations. Each lesson is complete, clear and with practice. We discussed the market, opened deals together and worked out strategies. It's really interesting and cool and most importantly very useful! This knowledge was enough for me to create and master my not bad strategy and start making money with it. I have finished the courses, but I still continue to study. I study further all the time, I don't stop, now I'm going to a new course. This is the only way to expand your market opportunities through new knowledge and strategies. Thank you for the opportunity to study. Start with training, I recommend. And only here - in Esperio! At first, even if not everything turns out perfectly, but with experience everything comes and income growth too.