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Jack Martin
Account number №**891*
I haven’t come across forex before. But I had an idea of it. Went through the registration quickly, even got bonus for the first deposit. I lost the first transaction, I lost $ 45. Plus, they also "ripped off" the commission. It was difficult for me as a newbie to figure out what to do and how. When is it better to open a transaction, reading the charts and the like. In principle, the broker is not bad, there are no requirements for the minimum amount of the deposit, but it's hard for me to understand the trading itself. I applied for training, I think it might be worth going through it, otherwise it’s somehow not very convenient and I don’t want to waste money. If they provide such an opportunity, why not take advantage of it? In the future, I plan to add a little more to the account and try to withdraw a larger amount
Liam Jones
Account number №**984*
Now I'm trading with Esperio. I chose them due to the conditions they provide. I really want to quit my job as chef and go online because of this pandemic. And losing some weight wouldn't hurt me. Huge range of tools and free analytics. I opened an account, started immediately with a large amount, and traded a little. Earned some money, sent a withdrawal request. Applications are processed quickly. I spend a lot of time on trading, but even more time on analysis. Be sure to read and watch YouTube a lot, there smart people will help you save your hard-earned money. Of the minuses, I'd like to note that the color of the site is not very convenient for me personally, too much green color. But the profile is simple and convenient. Trading has already practically moved from the stage of "additional earning" to being the main type of employment, although so far the amounts are small. Wishing you all to stay strong.
David Peters
Account number №**338*
Been trading with Esperio for a while. During the entire period of cooperation, there were only pleasant moments. Trading is really a risk, but if you calculate everything, know the patterns and what they mean, place your take and stop correctly, you can get a profit. Earlier I've also had frequent drains, I could drain down the transactions 3 times in a row. But everything came with experience. If you are a beginner, then you can be taught here. Though I did not take it, but for a beginner I recommend starting with any course. Even if the material can be found on the Internet, it is still structured in the courses. At least it saves time. I have no claims either to quotes, or to execution, or to the withdrawal of funds. The terminal works without freezing, orders are opened quickly, as expected. Happy trading everyone
Tomiloba Olutola
Account number №**454*
I want to say about some advantages and disadvantages of the 1:1000 leverage that this broker has. The advantage is the fact that with a small deposit you can trade with a large volume. The disadvantage is obvious. You may lose more money. Also, this can lead to the loss of most of the deposit, so be careful!
Parvez Nagy
Account number №**565*
I opened an Esperio Standard account cause it offers 1:1000. That’s what I was looking for to trade currencies. Besides this, it’s a cool thing that they offer Metatrader 4. I need this platform for my custom indicators. I’ve made a dozen of ones on my own.
Rudolf Feldek
I choosed to invest via Experio Invest account and so far everything seems to be going fine. As long as SnP50 grows LOL. The only thing that I regret is that I didn't start investing earlier. The broker doesn't really matter. Pick any trustworthy one that you have the reasons to trust and go for it!