Online training in trading by Esperio
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Distance training programs for trading in the financial market from the broker Esperio are group or individual lessons with professional traders in your native language. After successfully completing any course, you will receive a certificate from the international broker Esperio, confirming your status as a trader.

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Courses for any level

You can choose any level according to your goals.

START-UP For beginners
Number of classes
45 hours
Format of the course
group classes, up to 10 people
Cost of the course
$250 for 45 hours
Corresponds to the goals
- take a detailed theoretical course
- find out the key conditions for success in trading
- get express trading practice
- study the functionality of the trading platform
- choose a broker
CONFIDENCE For the advanced
Number of classes
30 hours
Format of the course
individual classes
Cost of the course
$500 for 30 hours
Corresponds to the goals
- development of a personal trading strategy
- evaluation and elimination of obstacles to increase the profitability of trading
SPEED-UP For professionals
Number of classes
on demand
Format of the course
individual classes
Cost of the course
$50 per class
Corresponds to the goals
- individual recommendations on transactions
- individual master classes on trading in the stock market, commodities market and the Forex market
Advantages of online training with Esperio

quality of tuition

High speed of
obtaining knowledge

Free or at an
attractive price


Personal contact
with professionals

Classes in
native language

At any time convenient
for you

Certificate of the
course completion

What is online training with Esperio?

Each of the four training programs is guaranteed to achieve a result that matches your trading goals. Training is conducted online. Experienced traders teach each course. Upon successful completion of each course, a certificate is issued.

START-UP course

The START-UP course is suitable for any person who decides to make money by trading. Within the framework of this program all the necessary theory is given to understand all the processes taking place in the financial market. Also there is an express-practice, which involves immersion into the functionality of the trading platform and familiarizing with the features of various brokers.


The CONFIDENCE course will significantly increase the productivity of the trading activity of an advanced trader, eliminate obstacles that prevent maximizing the profit from each transaction, including analyzing, adjusting a trading strategy or developing it from scratch. Individual lessons within the program are conducted by professionals with at least 10 years of experience in the market.

SPEED-UP course

The SPEED-UP course is a fully adaptive solution for those who have been active in the market for more than 5 years and want to receive personalized recommendations on specific transactions, as well as exclusive knowledge of effective trading in the financial market. You can design the course yourself and request topics that you want to work on in depth.