Esperio Bonuses
Esperio bonuses are intended to increase your profit. You can double your deposit, get a compensation on transactions or get additional funds to support your trade! Find out more about the terms of obtaining bonuses and choose the one that suits you personally!
Extra Empower

The circumstances do not let you to top-up your account in time? Get the funds to support your trade!

Terms of obtaining this bonus:

The offer is valid for Standard accounts with VIP status on the condition of verification of your data in the account profile. The VIP status is given to Standard accounts on the top-up for $50 000 and more.

The amount of Extra Empower deposit makes up from 50% to 100% of the amount of deposited funds. The decision on the exact sum is taken individually.

The company reserves the right to deny the obtaining of the deposit or cancel it in case of non-fulfilment of the obligations.

How to use this bonus?

The deposit is intended to support the drawdown on the trading account and it is valid for two days until the moment of the top-up of the trading account.

The Extra Empower funds are non-withdrawable and can be used for trading only.

Profit gained from the use of the deposit can be used in trading transactions.

How to get this bonus?

In order to get the insurance deposit it is enough just to create an application in your account profile in the “Questions” section and then to confirm crediting in the “Bonuses” section.

Double Empower

We will double any top-up amount within the limits between $500 and $3000 on your demand. You top-up your account for $3000 and we add $3000 more.

Your benefit is additional opportunities for profit increase!

Terms of obtaining this bonus:

Bonus funds can be used for trade only. Maximum amount of one-time crediting makes up $3000 per one trading account.

The number of top-ups to obtain a bonus is unlimited.

If the client withdraws the funds that were deposited in order to obtain a bonus, the company reserves the right to decline the bonus.

How to get this bonus?

  • Top-up your account for the sum of $500 or more
  • Create an application in your account profile
  • Complete the necessary number of transactions
  • Transfer the bonus into real money

How to use this bonus?

The bonus serves to maintain the level of margin security of the transactions and cannot be used in drawdowns.

In order to transfer the Double Empower into your account balance, complete the necessary amount of lots. The calculation of the amount of transactions necessary for making up for the Double Empower bonus is available in the relevant section of the account profile. 1 lot of transactions performed by you transfers 3 dollars from bonus funds into real ones.

The period of making up for the Double Empower bonus is 90 days from the day of crediting.

Example of making up for the bonus:

You topped up your account for $600 and got the Double Empower bonus as 100% of the top-up. The money equivalent of this bonus is $600, $600/3=200 lots, which is the trade turnover that is necessary to be carried out.

Empower CashBack

Empower CashBack - is a partial reimbursement to VIP clients of their losses on trading positions closed within the billing period (calendar month).

In order to use Empower CashBack get one of the Esperio VIP statuses:

  • VIP (от $50 000),
  • GOLD (от $100 000),
  • DIAMOND (от $500 000).

At the calculation of Empower CashBack the followinf factors are taken into account:

  • the amount of spread at the moment of the position closing;
  • amount of commission for conducting a trading operation.

The amount of compensation cannot exceed 10 USD per one lot.

Amount of Empower CashBack:

  • Esperio VIP – до 10%;
  • Esperio GOLD – до 13%;
  • Esperio DIAMOND – до 15%.

The payment of compensation to the client is carried out before the 5th day of each month following the billing one.

To receive compensation, the client must not have any other bonuses on the trading account during the billing period.

Example of calculation:

Within the billing period, you closed a transaction on the EUR/USD currency pair with a volume of 10 lots. When closing the position, the spread was 0.4 pips or $40. For the execution of the transaction, you paid a commission of $70.

Therefore, at the beginning of the next month, you will receive 13% Empower CashBack on $110, which makes up $14.3 in cash.