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Assets: CFD US Stocks

Esperio has hundreds of assets for investments in the financial markets. Each asset represents unique opportunities: cryptocurrencies and currency pairs, precious metals and commodities, shares of promising companies and leading stock indexes.

Our clients conclude transactions using the most popular investment solutions - financial derivatives. CFD (contract for difference) allows you to get income even at the time of crisis!

What is necessary for comfortable and profitable trade?
A wide range of
financial instruments
trading platforms
With Esperio you can
trade 24/5
Credit leverage of
up to 1:1000
Market Execution: execution of transactions at the speed of up to 100 ms
Assets: CFD US Stocks

Stock CFDs are an easy and convenient way of getting income on rises and falls of the cost of securities.

Commission for trading stock CFDs for an Esperio MT4 Standard account is 0.010%/lot.

Commission for trading stock CFDs for an account Esperio MT4 Cent is 0.13%/lot.

Commission for trading stock CFDs for an account Esperio MT5 ECN is 0.1%/lot.

Commission for trading stock CFDs for an account Esperio MT5 Invest is 0.3%/lot.

Commission for trading stock CFDs for an account Esperio MT5 Cent is 0.1%/lot.

Symbol Contract size,
МТ4 / MT5
long, MT4/MT5
short, MT4/MT5

At CFD trade a dividend adjustment is introduced. It allows the payment of dividends to the holders of the underlying assets on which CFDs are traded.

The adjustment is applied if there are open positions on the day of register fixation — ex-dividend date. At a long buy position the amount of the adjustment is accrued, at a short sell position it is written off.

The basis for calculating the adjustment corresponds to the amount of dividends per share. The dividend adjustment can be made by the company within three months from the date the register is fixed.

Example of calculation:

On August 10, 2020 the Board of Directors of Microsoft (MSFT) declares the payment of the next quarterly dividend in the amount of $ 0.56 per share:

Ex-Date — 18.09.2020
Record Date — 20.09.2020
Pay Date — 10.10.2020

The amount of dividend for a transaction of 1 lot will make up 100 х 0.56 = 56 USD.

If there is a sell position of 1 lot (100 shares) on September 18, 56 USD will be written off, if there is a buy position of 1 lot - 56 USD will be credited.

Attention! If your trading positions are open from Wednesday to Thursday, the swap on them will be tripled. The exclusions are commodity СFDs and index CFDs: a triple swap on these instruments is accrued on Friday. The information on swaps on your transactions is updated on the trading terminal every day at 23:55.

Short sale of some types of financial instruments can be temporarily restricted. This is due to the restrictions from the counterparties or regulative bodies. Please, contact tech support for more information.