Fast food giant McDonald's has many compelling qualities: outperforming the competitors, having a solid revenue model and a great history of dividend payouts. The company pays its shareholders 73% of profits earned in more than 100 countries around the world.

Since the beginning of 2022, MCD securities have fallen in price by 11.1%. The target price is lowered, analysts recommend buying back drawdowns.

Take advantage of the current downtime to have an ever-growing dividend in the future!

Terms of participation

The validity period of the Double Deal promotion is from May 01, 2022 to August 31, 2022.

The Double Deal promotion is open to both new and existing Esperio customers.

At a top up of a trading account for $1000 or more on your personal profile, you will be granted a special deal to buy McDonald's shares as a gift!

The total amount of gift deal must not exceed $5000 per one personal profile.

How many shares will you get?

Enter the top-up amount in $

Current price of MCD:

The amount of gift shares makes up

We use CFD financial derivatives.

This means that you can earn on the movement of quotes, and at the same time no to pay the full price of the shares.

Your investments
are protected!
If McDonald's share price rises within 4 months, Esperio will credit your account with the net profit.
If the price of McDonald's shares falls during this time, Esperio will fully compensate for the loss.

Here is a win-win way to become an investor!

Take part in the promotion

How to take part in the promotion?
  • Open a trading account

    Or top up and existing account opened earlier.

  • Enter the top up amount

    You can deposit money in one or more payments during the promotion period.

  • Complete a transaction

    When the required amount is on the account, simply click the "Open deal" button in your personal profile.

Bet on success!

You can only take part in the promotion once. Therefore, click the button only if you are sure that this is the final amount and you would not like to receive more shares!

Double Deal! We give the opportunity to receive passive income from investments, as well as earn on trade transactions.

Taking part in the Double Deal promotion
involves 2 stages:

Top up, accounting of trading lots

till July 31st



from 1 to 31 August

The funds in your account are fully protected.

More details in the Promotion Rules

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