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Exclusive analytics by Esperio
Successful support of the participants of financial markets!

A line of high-quality analytics from Esperio's partner reflects the most important events in the financial markets. Experienced professionals will keep you up to date with major changes affecting the value of your assets.

Preparation of analytical research for traders and investors covers more than 200 market areas in dozens of countries in Europe, the CIS and the USA. Choose a service according to your goals and objectives.

Advantages of analyticsby Esperio:
Gives a clear understanding of which markets you can earn at a particular point in time.
Forms an algorithm of actions amid the volatility of quotes and macroeconomic instability
Allows you to be proactive and instantly respond to market events.
It saves time, because only the most important events and forecasts are always available in your Personal Account!
It improves trading skills, allows you to understand the key principles of analysis, learn how to act in difficult situations.
Provides data available to private traders and investors only through a broker.
Trading ideas
Make confident and substantiated decisions!
Discover bull or bear trends based on technical and fundamental analysis as well as historical strategies. You can easily personalize trading ideas to suit your unique style. With filters, you can select ideas by pattern type, time frame and more!
Market Pulse
Read less, find out more!
The Market Pulse solves the problem of "information saturation": too much news and social networks and not enough time to read it all. Patented TC Crowd Insight processing technology scans thousands of resources around the clock. It is easy for you to determine which topics are currently popular, and it is convenient to work with data. Moreover, artificial intelligence will tell you in which direction most traders are moving, further actions with an asset will be recommended.
Events and instruments
Be ahed of the others!
The service presents up-to-date macroeconomic data in real time along with an analysis of a specific event in a historical retrospective. This allows you to understand the dynamics of the asset and react immediately in case of events that potentially affect the market. Use online data, filter economic events across 38 countries, and see how similar events have previously played out on price and event charts.
Shares analysis
Get a fresh look at the markets!
The work of the best partner analysts is at the heart of this services. Professionals study the data, comment on the news and help private investors navigate the whole variety of securities. Register to learn about the intricacies of investing and the basic movements of the stock market!
Trading indicators
Everything at hand
Visual information right in your trading terminal. Trading indicators will prompt and show on the chart what potential opportunities arise in the market, where the points of entry and exit from transactions are located, what movements should be expected based on the news. Making informed decisions has never been easier.
Favourite ideas
Technical analysis according to your preferences
Choose your favourite instruments, set up technical analysis options for currencies and stocks and follow the formation of trading signals. You can change your preferences at any time by adding new options or completely changing their range!
What is necessary for the access to Exclusive Esperio analytics?
Step 1
Register with a personal account
Step 2
Top up your account for $1000 and more
Step 3
Welcome to the "Analytics" section of the Personal Account and to the trading terminal