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What is Esperio Copy Trading?

Unique algorithms allow copying trading operations from a trader's account to an investor's account in split seconds.

This allows you to achieve complete synchronization of profits on the trader's account and profits on the investor's account.

Copy Trader Forex

Forex copytrade service is a service of the Esperio broker, as well as one of the most popular ways to make money in the world markets. Beginners can participate in Forex or CFD trading without having experience in making financial transactions. Advanced traders can count on additional profit in the form of a commission for their services. Let's take a closer look at what the forex copytrade service is and how to use it.

What is forex copytrade service?

This service works on the basis of an algorithm for copying forex trades from a trader's account to an investor's account, taking into account the proportions of funds.

For an investor, a service is, first of all, a passive return on investment. The skills of professional market participants allow an investor to earn money even without the relevant knowledge. On the other hand, the profitability of an investor's account depends entirely on the trader that he, the investor, chooses on his own.

For a trader, forex trade copy service allows trading in the usual mode and receiving additional money for this. In fact, the trader conducts standard activities, but due to the fact that his actions are copied by a less experienced investor, the trader charges him a fee in the form of a commission. The broker in this case acts as a guarantor of mutual settlements between the participants in the transaction.

The internal
mechanisms of the service are:
Absolute financial transparency
Full control over your own account
No restrictions on investment period
Fairness of mutual settlements between a trader and an investor

Forex copy trades
and their benefits

  • High speed
    The procedure is carried out on the server of the company providing the copy trade service. All processes take milliseconds. For this reason, the price of a transaction with an asset for an investor is almost always identical to the price at which the trader made this operation. High speed is of great importance in the financial market, when prices change every second.
  • Transparency
    An investor who has opened an account with Esperio can connect to only one professional from the rating. The forex copy trade service works in proportion to the ratio of funds in the accounts of both parties. Thus, absolutely transparent interaction between the investor and the forex copy trader is achieved. This feature allows you to soberly assess possible risks and evaluate income in the near future.
  • Control
    At the first stage, it can be difficult for an investor to trust a professional (even with an impeccable trading history). However, the forex trade copy system provides the investor with full access to all trades through the MetaTrader trading platform application. Moreover, the investor can independently manage all transactions, for example, limit risk or fix profits. Another issue is that when intervening in their activities, a trader can no longer promise the declared profitability.
  • Fairness
    A fair settlement between the investor and the trader is provided by a special system. The Esperio broker has a separate buffer account for accumulating service commission. A trader cannot get more than he is supposed to. It is also impossible to withdraw the investor's commission from the account, as it is reserved until the mutual settlement occurs.
EMIL300486 Cent account
Mattez Cent account
mat67 Cent account
6 months
All time

How does Esperio forex copy traders service work?

You need to register on the Esperio website as an investor.

Next, select a trader from the rating of traders in the section

In the next step, the investor's account is attached to the trader's account.

The investor receives income proportional to the activity of the trader.

If you want to participate in the best forex copy trade service as a trader, then you need to follow these steps:
  • Register on the site as a trader.
  • Confirm your own experience with a successful history of transactions.
  • Set a fee for your services.
  • Deposit at least $100 to trade.
  • Allow the investor to copy their actions and make a profit.

How do investors earn
in Esperio Forex Copy Trade?

When an investor connects his account to a trader's account, the copy ratio of trades is set. Based on the coefficient, as well as taking into account the proportion of the investor's and the trader's funds, the volume of the transaction is calculated.

An example of the operation of the service
for copying trades forex

An Esperio investor chose a trader with a stated commission of 10% from the rating of the copy trade forex service. Then he opened an investment account for $10,000 and connected it to the trader's trading account, setting a 100% copy ratio.

The copy trader forex opens a position to buy 0.5 lots on the euro-dollar currency pair at a price of 1.12. At the same time, the trader's account contains $5,000 of his own funds.

Next, the trader closes the BUY position at a price of 1.13. He locks in a profit of $500. At the same time, the investor's profit is $1,000, taking into account the initial amount on his account.

The trader's commission is $100, which is 10% of the profit earned by the investor. This amount is reserved on a special, buffer account until the moment of mutual settlements of copy forex trades service.

The difference between copy trading
and an advisor for copying trades

Forex advisor or robot is also an automated trading system. However, behind it is not a live person, but a program to copy forex traders. It has a built-in trading strategy, generates trading signals for the investor and can independently open and close trades. However, an advisor for best copy trade service needs to be constantly optimized: unlike the actions of a real copy trader forex, its algorithms become outdated over time, as the market is constantly changing.

  • Does Esperio charge a service fee?
    The Company does not charge a fee for providing the Esperio forex copy trades service. It is beneficial for the broker to increase the trading volume of transactions due to conditions that do not provide for independent trading.
  • Can a trader change the commission?
    The trader has no right to impair the commission on the offer if there is at least one attached Investor account.
  • What account volume is recommended for an investor?
    The size of the Investor's account depends on the volume of transactions, the number and the financial instruments. It is necessary to calculate the margin, the cost of one point for the instrument in question and also take into account the acceptable risk.