Trading indicators

Ideas right in the trading terminal

Clear key levels for the best transactions. A set of time-tested indicators allows you to take into account market psychology, visually show entry and exit points in transactions, and provide alternative scenarios in case of unfavourable developments.

Everything necessary for you decision

Signals are generated directly on the chart. Buy signals are generated in green, and sell signals are generated in red.

Simultaneously with the analysis of levels, divergences and convergences, the algorithms track the formation of the 16 most reliable and proven candle combinations

Tune in to your rhythm

Indicators are able to generate slow and fast signals both on the price chart and on the chart of the indicators themselves.

The set includes convergence/divergence oscillators for short-term trades.

How to install and use trading indicators on the terminal MT4/MT5?
Step 1
Download the plugin file plugin and launch it
Make sure that the MT4/MT5 Terminal settings allow DLL import
Step 2
In the Navigator window, find the Trading Central indicators
Step 3
Click and drag the indicator in the chart field and get the necessary information
Important! Access to information is possible only when topping up the account!
What is necessary for the access to Exclusive Esperio analytics?
Step 1
Register with a personal account
Step 2
Top up your account for $1000 and more
Step 3
Welcome to the "Analyst Views" section of the Personal Account and to the trading terminal