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Economic Calendar for 12.06.2022

ATTENTION: The material in the economic calendar is updated automatically, reloading the page may slow down the process of new material appearing. For prompt obtaining of materials, we recommend keeping the economic calendar open at all times.

Economic Calendar
Sunday, 12 June 2022
New Zealand NZD
Visitor Arrivals
Japan JPY
BSI Manufacturing Index
News and events in the Economic Calendar

The Forex Economic Calendar is a reference book for every trader, regardless of trading experience and level of professionalism, and especially for those who trade on the news. A good economic calendar takes into account all significant events and accumulates experts' forecasts on them, that is, it allows not only to react, but also to prepare in advance for possible changes.

The calendar is a kind of chronology of global economic events online and at the same time a list of important Forex news, which are ranked according to their significance levels. All fundamental factors (GDP growth, retail sales, consumer price indexes, etc.) are regularly published and seriously affect the price movement of a state's official currency.

It is easy to verify this by comparing the charts of the value of trading instruments in any trading platform with the release times of these indicators. Therefore, the calendar of economic events on Forex always has rich food for thought and building profitable trading strategies. For both bulls and bears, the economic calendar is a treasure trove of information that reveals the state of world markets.

The Esperio calendar contains all important events for the international market in the main economic centers of the world, as well as expert forecasts on them and the history of their revision. After the release of the event, the ratio of the forecast to the actual indicators is published. The task of Esperio analysts is to create an economic calendar that will be the best available alternative for many traders.