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Nov 22, 2024, 4:38:00 AM

The First Steps portfolio grew by almost 10% in the first month of investment

For the period from October 12 to November 12, 2021, Esperio's First Steps and Optimal investment portfolios showed returns of 9.64% and 1.24%, respectively.

In particular, in the First Steps portfolio, transactions were closed with a profit on Tesla and AMD shares, $ 251.72 and $ 432.4, respectively, as well as dividends from Apple and Caterpillar, $ 2.20 to $ 8.88, respectively.

The increase in the value of the First Steps portfolio by almost 10% in the first month is a very worthy result. Moreover, two transactions - for AMD and Tesla - have already been closed, that is, this is not a virtual calculated profit, but real money that customers can, if they wish, withdraw from their account. Of course, we are talking about those who invested in the portfolio a month ago, on October 12, ” as commented by the Esperio Analytical Center.

In the Optimal portfolio, IBM dividends of $ 16.4 were received, Tesla shares were purchased at an average price of $ 1025.49, and the stop-loss on Alibaba shares was changed from $ 100 to $ 125. “Against the background of the success of First Steps, the data on Optimal look more modest. Nevertheless, we see a positive result without a doubt, although not so impressive."

The next investment period for the First Steps and Optimal portfolios began on October 11-12, 2021. The investment period for them is 12 months and six months, the expected return is 40.5% and 87.7%, respectively. At the same time, according to the results of the first month of portfolio management, the potential profitability increased to 41.8% and to 93.2%, respectively.

Managers of the global broker Esperio develop investment portfolios, taking into account various strategies and assumed risks, balance them according to the investment period and projected profit.

Throughout the investment period, Esperio provides full transparency, regular monitoring of performance and portfolio rebalancing to ensure the reported return and risk, a thorough analysis of the results, and provides investors with detailed reports.

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