Crypto Week: New Crypto Rally is Seen to be Delayed

The major debate in the markets at the moment is the inflation tolerance of major central banks. Most analysts see the Federal Reserve (Fed) being comforted with a 2-3% annual inflation rate in the case of high recession risks. The rest are expecting further monetary tightening even in the case of economic decline. They think central bankers are now reluctant to react to every economic trouble with interest rate decreases. Investors expect the Fed to lower its interest rate to 4.5% by the end of this year. Thus, any major speculative activity will be nearly impossible with such high borrowing costs.

Investors were betting for a 150-basis points interest rate decline from its supposed highs at 5.25%, but now they see rates only going down by 75-basis points by the end of 2023. If the Fed does finally mange to convince investors about the irreversible tight monetary stance for this entire year, the Dollar has major chances to move up. Speculative short positions for the Greenback have been removed, while opening up for other assets. According to Bloomberg for the first time in 2023 hedge funds are now betting non-Dollar assets will deteriorate against the Dollar-denominated assets.

All these considerations should be kept in mind as no risky assets rally is possible without solid fundamentals. If the Dollar does rally, cryptocurrencies are unable to follow. BTC prices are gravitating to $20,000 per coin with a possible decline towards $15,000. There is no major evidence that the situation may develop in the other direction. No fundamental news to support the rally can be seen but what is seen is a possibility of a long-lasting correction. The information environment is dead calm. Some minor positive developments could be found in ETH 2.0 where deposit inflows became positive for the first time since after the users were first allowed to withdraw deposits from staking.

All-in-all, the bullish season is seen to be drastically delayed.