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Italy's trade surplus narrowed in December

According to the report from the National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT), Italy's trade surplus fell to 1.103 billion euros in December, compared with 4.18 billion euros in November. Economists had expected an increase in the surplus to 5.11 billion euros. The volume of exports increased by 16.2% per annum, while the volume of imports increased by 37.2% per annum. Exports to EU countries increased by 20.1% per annum, while exports to non-EU countries increased by 12.7% per annum. Imports from EU countries increased by 31.5% per annum, and imports from non-EU countries increased by 45.9% per annum.

The data also showed. that for the whole of 2021, the trade surplus decreased to 50,416 million euros compared to 63,289 million euros in 2020. Excluding energy, the trade surplus rose to 89,452 million euros from 85,656 million euros in 2020.

ISTAT also reported that in December import prices increased by 0.9% on a monthly basis and by 15.6% per annum. Over the past three months (through December), import prices have increased by 4.7% compared to the previous three months.

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