How does this work?

  • Top up a trading account for the amount of $1 000 to $5 000

  • Get a gift deal to purchase Walt Disney shares

The Double Deal Promotion lasts from February 1 to May 31 2023

The growth of Walt Disney will bring you net income in the near future. In the event of decrease in share price, Esperio fully compensates for the loss.

Feel like an investor and make money on the largest media company in the world!

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Perspectives of
The Walt Disney Company

In 2023, total revenue is expected to grow from the current $82.7 billion to $120 billion due to streaming. The main drivers in the coming quarters will be the launch of the Disney+ combo plan and the increase in subscription prices.

The return of the company's legendary CEO, Bob Iger, is an incentive to improve the company's operating performance and a reason for a revival of investors' optimism.

$DIS shares are 45% down since the start of the year. And that means it's time to start investing. Now the securities are at a strong support level, we expect to see growth with a potential of +20-25% within 3-5 months!

The bad times for the company are over. COVID lockdowns around the world have been lifted and most of the Disney parks are already open, the rest will be open soon!

The company's shares are undervalued and you have a great entry point!

How to become a participant in three simple steps?

  • 1. Open a trading account

    Open a new Esperio trading account or use an existing one.

  • 2. Top up the account

    Deposit funds into your account in one or more payments. The bigger the top up, the more shares you get!

  • 3. Invest in one click!

    In your personal account, click the "Open deal" button. This can only be done once. Therefore, make sure that the amount for investment is final.

You can top up your account to participate in the promotion until April 30 including. The sooner you join, the more chances to earn!

How many shares will you get?

Enter the top up amount in $

Current price of DIS:

The amount of gift shares will make up

*We use CFDs on stocks so that you don't have to pay the full price of shares, but only earn on their growth.

Double Deal – double benefit!

With our promotion you can get double profit.

In the process of participation, it is necessary to fulfill a trading turnover condition depending on the amount of the top up. You can earn income from both investments and transactions.

Find out more in the Promotion Rules.

Are you ready to become a Walt Disney investor?

Open the deal now!

Double Deal Promotion Rules

Funds in your account are fully protected

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