Trading is inseparable from risk. Even the most accurate forecasts do not guarantee profit. Clients wishing to minimize their risks use Esperio's account insurance service.

How it works?
Open a trading account with Esperio
Deposit funds into your account*
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Online trading risks exist regardless of the trader's level. Often the market, contrary to the forecasts, turns in the opposite direction.

Esperio account insurance will allow you to:
protect the capital in unforeseen situations;
reduce the psychological stress of trading;
improve trading strategies and systems;
add courage and freedom to your actions;
shorten the path to financial success!
Terms of promotion

After 30 calendar days, in case of a negative result of trade transactions, we will compensate up to 30% of the deposit, depending on the amount of unsuccessful transactions

The offer is valid until 31.12.2021.

If funds are withdrawn from the trading account within 30 days, the account insurance service will be canceled.

* The minimum deposit amount is $ 5,000.
Compensation is calculated as a bonus without a stop out.
Compensation is charged one month after the date of the first transaction, but no later than March 1, 2022.

For safe trading, we strongly recommend taking a training course with Esperio!

Participants of the promotion "Trade without risk" get a 20% discount on training!

Distance learning programs for trading in the financial market from the broker Esperio and training in partner offices are carried out as group and individual classes with professional traders in your native language. You can choose any level of training that suits your goals.

For traders and investors

Esperio offers profitable and safe conditions for making money in the financial markets:

  • For the traders
  • Net spread from liquidity providers
  • End-to-end processing of trade requests
  • Execution speed <100 ms
  • Market execution without requotes
  • Analytics and expertise of financial markets
  • For the investors
  • Copy Trading service
  • Investment portfolio management
  • Online customer support 24/7
  • Loyalty programs: bonuses, promotions
  • Special conditions for VIP clients
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